One of the benefits of belonging to the Visalia Sportsmen's Association is the ability to use the club's Federal Firearms License.  This service is restricted to club members only. The club's Executive Vice-President is our FFL repesentative and handels all FFL transactions for CLUB members only.  Since the club orders from a wholesaler, the price on firearms is less that one would normally pay.  To ask about a price or to order a firearm or scope, etc. Club members are not charged for this service: however, besides the price of the firearm (or scope, etc.), the member is responsible for paying the California sales tax, the Califorina DOJ DROS ( for firearms only) and shipping cost.  Again for Club members only!

The Vice-President will receive shipment of firearm(s) and/or equipment and you will pick it up from him.  Firearms must be held for ten days from the time you complete the paperwork.  Come to a club meeting for details.

Please note: when purchasing a handgun, you will need to supply the following documents:

a) a Califorina DOJ Handgun Safty Certificate (or a current CCW);

b) a Califorina driver's license with your current street address (no PO Boxes);

c) a recent (last three months) utility bill or automobile registration for the same address listed on your driver's license.