The Visalia Sportsmen's Association operates and maintains the Dale Wimp Range. This 28-station, 300 yard rifle range with an adjoining 8-line pistol range. Since the range is insured by the National Rifle Association, we are required to have certified Range Safety Officers in charge of the range(s) whenever in operation. We have an on-going need for new range officers to help fill our yearly schedule.  As an incentive for this service to the club, range officers are issued a key to the range gate and may use the range on days when it is normally closed.

     Range officers are required to perform two days (minimum) of range duty each year, They open the range by 8:00 A.M. and closed by 3:00 P.M.. Besides actually controlling the firing line during use, range officers sign-in shooters, enroll new members, sell/load targets, bore flags, etc, and assist shooters with use of the range.  In addition, they may instruct new shooters who needs assistance in shooting, sighting their rifle, etc.  After the range closes, the range officers are responsible for emptying trash cans, putting away all equipment and supplies and cleaning up the range.

     If you are interested in becoming a Range Safety Officer, contact Chief Range Officer Russ Beechinor.  You will be required to undergo a one-day formal training to earn NRA certification and serve three training days with veteran ranger officers.